Smoking is an addictive habit which consumes the lives of many people all over the world. Many people try to quit smoking but it is very hard, and the withdrawal symptoms are hard to battle. If you are trying to quit smoking, you need to remember and focus on the reason you wanted to quit smoking in the first place. You also need to keep in mind that you are not alone in this and many resources will help you with your quitting.


1-800-Quit-Now is a hotline which you can call for one-to-one counselling. If you have trouble in quitting smoking, you can call up this number, and they will provide you counselling any time you want. Apart from delivering advice they also provide other services like quitting programs, and they have connections with local smoking cessation resources which will help you to quit smoking. If you feel like you don’t have anyone to talk about your smoking problems you can call out to this hotline and they will help you out with various things.

Smoke-Free Teens site:

SFT is a website which helps teens to come out of smoking. The site has a lot of resources which encourages the teens to quit smoking. You have a set of instructions which will guide you to stop smoking step by step. It also helps teens to connect with other teens who are going through the same problem.

Smoke-free text:

The smoke-free text is a program which sends frequent texts to people who are trying to quit. They send encouraging messages and provide support to help you fight the withdrawal symptoms of smoking. They also provide you various tips and support on related topics. The texts that are sent often come along with resources such as website links, chat lines, support groups, etc.


Smoking cessation products:

There are lots of products out there which would help you quit smoking. E-cigarettes is a smoking cessation product which is made out of nicotine, and it sprays vapors of nicotine so that people will get the feeling that they are smoking, but they will not have severe health issues like they would have when the smoke tobacco.

One thing people should understand is that it is the tar that is created due to the combustion of tobacco is what gets accumulated in the lungs and causes health problems. But with e-cigars, you inhale only the vapor, and this does not create any accumulation of tar.

BETOBACCOFREE.GOV: is a hub which has various links to other resources and sites for anyone who is trying to quit smoking. The site offers multiple help tips and advice. They also help people to cope- up with withdrawal symptoms. You can find groups which you can join to discuss on related issues.

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